There are many advantages to making your project turnkey;

▪ Instead of firms, the burden of work and documents is reduced by being addressed to a single company.
▪ Only one bidding process occurs.
▪ There is a minimum likelihood of inconsistencies between building process and the stages.
▪ As the firm receiving the turnkey project will determine the budget from the beginning, important problems such as the subsequent budget overruns are minimized.
▪ Consulting with a single company for changes and new requirements that may be requested during the project will be sufficient enough to implement.
▪ Industrial or Commercial Structure will be opened to service in a much shorter time and will start to operate its business.

The most important issue here is to choose the best company to deliver the required job for the reason that you are relying on a single firm.

DHİ Construction and Decoration offers high quality, affordable and fast results in your turnkey project needs with experience based on many years, evaluating cautiously when choosing solution partners and providing customer focused service.